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Related post: PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE NOTICE OF INTRAMURAL RESEARCH PROJECT PROJECT NUMfiER ZOl AI 00172-03 LIU ''(Sctob'erT, 1979 to September 30, 1980 TITLE OF PROJECT (80 characters or less) Carbohydrate and Glycoprotein Antigens of Microbial Cell Walls NAMES, LABORATORY AND INSTITUTE AFFILIATIONS, AND TITLES OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS AND ALL OTHER PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL ENGAGED ON THE PROJECT PI: Dr. John Col igan Research Microbiologist LIG NIAIU COOPERATING UNITS (if any) Dept. of Micro., Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham (Dr. David Pritchard) lab/branch Laboratory of Immunogenetics SECTION Membrane Antigen Structure Section INSTITUTE AND LOCATION NIAID, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland 20205 TOTAL MANYEARS: 0.1 PROFESSIONAL: 0.1 OTHER: CHECK Antivert Price APPROPRIATE BOX(ES) D (a) HUMAN SUBJECTS n (al) MINORS n (a2) INTERVI&WS □ (b) HUMAN TISSUES XXq (c) NEITHER SUMMARY OF WORK (200 words or less - underline keywords) Studies on the structure of the group-specific carbohydrate isolated from Group B strept o coccus have '.shown that this complex polysaccharide contains a large amount of glucitol , an alditol present in all strains of Antivert 12.5 Mg Group b streptococcus analyzed but in no other hemolytic streptococci. Studies are in progress to determine v^hether the Antivert Canada Group B polysaccharide has the same polyrhamnose backbone common to the Group A, A-variant and C polysaccharides. The composition of the Group B polysaccharide suggests this possibility. During the course of these studies, a simpl e and highly sensitive gas chromatographic proced ure v;as developed for analyzing the carbohydrate composition of whole bacterial cells. Chromatographic tracings of these carbohydrate compositions provide highly characteristic fingerprints of the hemolytic streptococci. The method has been used to analyze single colonies from a blood agar plate. 21-22 PHS-6040 (Rev. 10-76) ZOl AI 00172-03 LIG Carbohydrate and Glycoprotein Antigens of Microbial Cell Walls Previous investigators have reported that the Group B-specific polysaccharide is composed of rhamnose, galactose and N-acetyl glucosamine, but they failed to Antivert Meclizine account for a major portion of the dry weight of the polysaccharide. We found the composition of the Antivert Otc group B-specific polysaccharide to be 45% rhamnose, 17% galactose, 25% N-acetylglucosamine plus an unidentified sugar. We have recently obtained evidence that this unidentified sugar is glucitol. This alditol is present in all types and strains of group B streptococcus analyzed but in no other hemolytic streptococci tested (Groups A, A-variant, C, G and F) . Evidence indicates that the glucitol may contain phosphate groups. Analysis of the acetylated derivatives of the permethylated monosaccharides of the Group B-specific polysaccharide have shown the following sugars to be present: 1-1 inked rhamnose, 1,2-linked rhamnose, 1,3-linked rhamnose, 1,2,4-linked rhamnose, 1,3-1 inked galactose, and 1,3-linked N-acetyl glucosamine. The glucitol was not detected Meclizine Antivert in this analysis. Current studies are Antivert 25mg focused on determining the structure of the Group B polysaccharide. Hemolytic streptococci are routinely differentiated by the serological detection of the Cheap Antivert group-specific polysaccharide. This is usually done by mild acid extraction of the cell pellet from an overnight culture of the organism. The group-specific carbohydrate accounts for a major portion of the dry weight of the bacterial cell. We have developed a carbohydrate "finger printing" method based on the gas chromatographic separation of the trifluoroacetate derivatives of the component monosaccharides of streptococcal cells. This method which utilizes an electron capture detector is several thousand fold more sensitive and much more rapid than the serologic method for differentiating these pathogenic organisms. This method is sensitive enough to differentiate the serogroups of the strepococci by only analyzing a single bacterial colonies. Publications Coligan, J.E., Krause, R.M., and Kindt, T.J.: Use of Structurally Defined Streptococcal Carbohydrate Antigens in Studies of Rabbit Antibody Idiotypes. In Buy Antivert Read, S. and Antivert 25 Mg Zabriskie, J. (Eds.): Streptococcal Disease and the Immune Response . Academic Press, New York, 1980, pp. 303-315. Krause, R.M., and Coligan, J.E. Antibodies to streptococcal carbohydrate, ~ substitutes for the myeloma proteins. Review Antivert 25 of Infect. Dis .l: 904-910, 1979. 21-23 SMITHSONIAN SCIENCE INFORMATION EXCHANG PROJECT NUMBER (Do HOT use this spare) U.S. OEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCTION, AND WELFARE PUBLIC HEALTI! SERVICE KOTICE Cf INTRAKURAL RESEARCH FflOJECT
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